Terms of Service

• China’s import agent Cross-Border Panda (hereinafter referred to as the company) and service users (hereinafter referred to as users) shall agree to this agreement when using the services provided by the company (hereinafter referred to as the service). Before use, please be sure to read the following regulations.
• When revising the law or reflecting changes in the content of this service, this agreement or specific service applicable to this service may be added, changed, or modified. When additions, changes, corrections, etc. occur, they will be introduced on this website. It applies from the time reflected on this homepage.

For products that cannot be sold

Products prohibited from export by the Chinese government, products prohibited by the host government from import, products that infringe on informal products, copyrights and design rights, animals and other creatures (violations of the Washington Treaty, products, animals, etc.), pornography and other products that violate public order and good customs
This website cannot handle the above-mentioned products. In addition, if it is found that the product cannot be processed after the settlement, it may not be refundable. The company is not responsible for the losses caused by the suspension of the customs of the two countries. Especially in the case of the long-term detention of goods in China’s domestic customs, the company is fined by the Chinese government, and the business is stopped, the company will request compensation from the user for the losses in accordance with the Chinese law. Please know and understand in advance and use it.

Need to pay attention to products that require special procedures

Batteries, powder, sand, magnets, liquids, watches, motors, etc., or products with the above content, cannot be directly transported from China. As a special air cargo, it needs to be sent via Hong Kong International. Please be sure to discuss beforehand.
It is necessary to obtain permission from relevant institutions such as medical supplies, beauty supplies, food, tableware, and toys for subjects under 6 years of age. It is recommended to confirm in advance.

Disclaimer regarding free simple inspection products

Simple inspection of all orders. The target items of the simple inspection product are “quantity”, “color” and “size”.
Inspection standards:
・”Size” is to confirm the product label, if it is OEM/ODM, it is confirmed at the factory or inspection. Some products may not have labels. If it cannot be confirmed, the product will be treated as a correct order.
・The color is judged by referring to the image of the order.
・Not subject to confirmation of authenticity and clearance.
・Some products may not have buttonholes in China. The regular position of the buttonhole cannot be confirmed, so the buttonhole cannot be confirmed. (The buttonhole is provided as a chargeable option, but there are cases where it is impossible to determine the position of the regular hole. Also, if the hole is not opened in the regular position, no supplement will be made.) We are not responsible.

Disclaimer about defective products

• The company, users, and both parties should deal with it reasonably in good faith.
• The user of the company should entrust the purchaser to take photos of the “product status, defective parts” and the “recipient’s name tag”, and strive to grasp the user’s own non-conforming status. The report will be made within 3 days from the date the consumer receives the defective product. If you suspect an error on this website, you will add “photos” and “package photos” that meet the above conditions to the corresponding “order No. (quotation No. and product information, etc.)” and “comments on failure status” and send it to our proxy. The company checks the status of the inspection and the status of the transportation to the transportation company. Only in the case of our company’s negligence and acknowledgment, refunds will be made in accordance with the “refund” related exemptions.

About exemption from liability for domestic and international shipping in China

The company is not responsible for the following conditions.
Force majeure exemption: all or part of the delay caused by force majeure such as natural disasters, wars, riots, civil disturbances, revision and abolition of laws and regulations, public power order sanctions, strikes and other labor disputes, transportation agency accidents, and other causes that cannot be attributed to the company. , Inability to perform or incomplete performance
When the goods commissioned for purchase are counterfeit or imitation products
Confiscated by China and your Customs
Customs prohibition of import to your area
During the period of enhanced customs inspection, customs clearance is delayed or cannot be cleared
Return and destruction costs incurred due to the inability to import (the user shall be responsible for the costs)
The information when the user entrusts the company is false, wrong, or incomplete.
(For example, including the information of the consignor required for customs clearance, etc.) • Regarding the quality of the goods purchased from suppliers such as Taobao and Alibaba, it is judged and proved to be no problem in our company’s inspections • Due to the designated delivery address If the goods are sent back to the transportation company for reasons such as the unclear consignee when a storage fee or disposal fee is incurred, the user shall be borne by the user in accordance with the standards of the transportation association or the warehouse company.

About refund exemption

・When the purchase fails: the bill will be written down (refund) next time.
(Procurement failure means that the company can make purchases when confirming inventory with suppliers such as Taobao, and cannot make purchases when there is no inventory after the formal purchase.)
If you want a refund, the refund handling fee is borne by the user.
・If the supplier refuses to return the goods, etc., there is no refund after purchase, please understand.
The remittance fee for refund shall be borne by the user.
・When it is convenient for this agent: The product fee will be refunded.
・In the case of loss by the shipping company: ①In the case of small packaging, the product fee (the product body fee + the actual domestic shipping fee in China) will be added before the maximum amount of 100 yuan, and the international shipping fee will be refunded in full. ②In the case of normal size, the product fee (the product body fee + the actual domestic shipping fee in China) will be refunded in full on the basis of the maximum amount of 500 yuan plus the international shipping fee.
However, ①②There are cases where the content changes based on the judgment of the transportation company.
・When refunding the pre-authorization fee: The exchange rate should be the lower one of the pre-authorized month and the repayment month, and the exchange rate minus 0.5 yen/yuan from the corresponding exchange rate shall be used as the T.T.B. (purchase) rate. The remittance fee shall be borne by the user.
Circumstances of withdrawal: the refund of the deposit and other balances will be transferred to the designated bank account on the last day of the second month of the withdrawal application. The remittance fee for refund shall be borne by the user. (Considering the requests generated after the termination date of international freight, tariffs, etc.)

Regarding taxes such as customs duties, consumption taxes, etc.

When importing to the host country, if taxes such as customs duties and consumption taxes are incurred, they will be requested from the user and deducted from the deposit.
When you request taxes such as tariffs and consumption taxes from the end-user (purchaser), please notify us when you place the order. (Because the delivery invoice is different) If the notification is not possible, the user will be requested.

About return exemption

·When returning the goods due to the user’s reasons:
①Based on the supplier’s return policy
②Transportation costs shall be borne by the user
③If you cancel after ordering from the supplier, a handling fee of RMB 50 will be charged for each order.
・When the user judges it as a defective product and returns it:
The supplier you specify is considered defective on Chinese websites such as TAOBAO, Alibaba, Tmall, etc.
There are many cases where there are not. In this case, it will be handled in accordance with the supplier’s return policy.
・As a common example
Forgot to cut the thread, button shape, no buttonhole, chain attached to bag, wallet, etc.
Shape, color, peeling of paint, presence or absence of cloth label and paper label, difference, the difference in the shoebox, damage to the packaging (delivery)
Not used, but the packaging that was attached to the product before), the subtle difference in the color of the fabric (the color is different depending on the PC screen)
The appearance is different, there will be subtle differences depending on the production line) Data of accessories such as belts attached to the suit
Mosaic, subtle differences in color, etc.


The company is not responsible for the losses in the following events.
·When the product is an informal product, a copy, or an imitation product.
·The situation of goods confiscated by the customs.
·The customs prohibit importing into your area.
·The situation where the goods are stopped at the Chinese customs.
·The product is damaged due to an accident during transportation·When a breakdown occurs.
·The information provided by the guest is false or wrong.
・When the goods cannot be delivered due to force majeure such as earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis.
·The goods cannot be delivered due to wars, disturbances, riots, labor disputes, etc.
·Customs duties levied by the customs are the customer’s burden under any circumstances. In addition, the freight from the customs to the source of delivery, and the customs duties required in China will also be borne by the customer.

Modification of regulations

The company can change this agreement without the user’s prior consent.
At this time, the terms of use of this service will be in accordance with the revised agreement.
The revised Statute shall take effect from the time it is posted on the company’s website.