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Shopify Dropshipping. What is Oberlo? What is dropshipping?

To find out what oberlo is, we must first find out what drop shipping is.
Dropshipping is a proxy.
In the whole business process of Dropshipping mode, you don’t need to stock in advance. What you need to do is to build an e-commerce website with Shopify or woocommerce, and then get the flow and orders through various channels such as Facebook advertising, Google SEO, tiktok short video, etc, Then place the order you get to the platform (such as express, etc.), the third-party service provider (such as spocket, CJ Dropshipping, printful, etc.) or the factory that provides a consignment service. These one-piece service providers will directly help you send orders to your customers.
In the whole process, you don’t need to spend money to prepare inventory, you don’t need to make your own packing, you don’t need to deal with the delivery. What you need is a computer or mobile phone that can access the Internet, manage your website, traffic channel, process orders and after-sales service anytime and anywhere.

dropshipping cbpanda

How to do dropshipping?

1 Customer-where does the customer come from, that is, the traffic problem
2 – Your Store – How to build a website, how to receive traffic, and monetize the traffic
3 – Supplier – Where do products and services come from, that is, supply chain issues

Most of them use some plug-in tools, such as oberlo. However, these plug-in tools can only dropshipping products on aliexpress. The products on aliexpress are not only small in variety, but also have various high and unstable shipping costs. Now there are many shops selling products on aliexpress, and it is difficult to attract customers. The profit that can be made in this way is very small.

So is there any other way to increase profit margins?

Yes of course!

Cbpanda is an agent to help you dropshipping from China. 

Cbpanda.com dropshipping from the source of aliexpress – 1688 (Taobao, Tmall) to help you purchase goods.

* Purchase at a lower price (increasing profit margin),

* And then carry out a strict quality inspection (control and improve product quality),

* And replace it with your brand (build your brand),

* Repackage it and send it to your customers quickly (the fastest delivery time is 4 days).

Contact us: x@cbpanda.com

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