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We make your Drop shipping from China easy, and we will help you build your brand by providing creative drop shipping services.


About CBPanda

Take your business to next level !


If you already have a dropshipping agency, but the agency can’t deal with your problems in time, can’t focus on serving your business, the delivery efficiency is low, the defective rate is high, and the customer complaint rate is high. Please contact us immediately, we provide 1vs1 service, super high standard quality inspection, professional delivery team.

Do a good job in the quality inspection of each product, so that your product can be improved instantly.

Your trusted dropshipping supplier

We guarantee direct flight to Taobao, 1688, etc.

1. Negotiation with dealers:
We will contact the store on your behalf for negotiation and purchase.
Even if you don’t speak Chinese, you don’t need to open an account in China! Customers only need English to place orders with us!

2. Various troubles:
In case of problems such as “the product has not arrived”, “the product is completely different”, “the product is missing”, “the product is damaged”, we will contact Taobao store and take the best measures.

3. Product inspection:
We will carry out a simple inspection in the China office to check the quantity, color, design, size and defects of the product itself, and then deliver it to your customers internationally.


Automation, quickly

Synchronous all orders, quick quotation, quick purchase, 1688 order, provide competitive price, quick delivery.

From zero to one

Add your brand label and brand logo. Build your own brand from “zero” at the lowest cost. Make your brand/business successful.

Great cost saving

Professional purchasing team and delivery team, real-time monitoring of inventory, intelligent procurement, greatly improve the delivery rate, the highest delivery rate of 80% within a week. You only need to provide SKU and related purchasing information, and click a few buttons to automatically dock Shopify orders. It’s that simple.

4 Steps to Make Your Business

1. Link to our official app to receive orders

Link APP

2. Tell us the purchase link and related SKU data

Data collection

3. We receive orders to purchase, inspect, pack and store

Processing orders

4. Deliver the package to your customers in time through dedicated logistics

Quick delivery